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Rotterdam Bar Crawl has a Network of 25 energetic crew members/guides who will guide you during your crawl, they will energize the group and organize small but fun games. If you have any problems/questions during the crawl, then you are more than welcome to ask the crew members everything.(almost everything). 


The main crew consists of 4 close friends and a group of local Dutch volunteers  or as we say in Dutch: Echte Rotterdammers (real Rotterdam inhabitants) all these guides have more than enough experience in the Rotterdam nightlife scene to provide you with everything you need to have an amazing night. 


Dear crawlers, My name is Wander Krans and I am the founder of Rotterdam Bar Crawl. I have lived in Rotterdam for the majority of my life, I am saying majority because I have lived abroad for 2 years and this is where I found the inspiration for Rotterdam Bar Crawl. Since I mostly traveled alone it was quite hard to make new connections until I discovered the local bar crawls, this was my main activity to make new connections for the rest of my journey and in these bar crawls I have made some connections which I will have for the rest of my life. When I came back to Rotterdam I discovered that there was no such thing in Rotterdam (in my opinion the best city in the world) so we started our own! mainly to show everybody this amazing city and give them the opportunity to meet new amazing people in a new city. 

Next to organizing Rotterdam Bar Crawl I study Watermanagement in Rotterdam and work at Bierboutique. If you want to crawl with us sign up and I will see you on very soon!!


Hi Crawlers, my name is Paulo 24 years old and I am in love with Rotterdam. The City of Rotterdam is a city with different cultures and diverse people. I have learned a lot from these cultures and people, and Rotterdam Bar Crawl is a perfect opportunity for me to meet new people and cultures. I have Cape Verdean roots and I speak 5 languages. I can not wait to share my experience with you and vice versa. Sweet home Rotterdam see you soon at Rotterdam Bar Crawl!


Dear crawlers, my name is Ruben. I’m 23 years old and next  to Rotterdam Bar Crawl I work at 108 a  bar in the city center. Being born and raised in Rotterdam it is truly a pleasure guiding you through these streets. I used to study international business and languages so being involved with internationals had always been something I like doing. I hope to see you crawling very soon!


Dear crawlers, my name is Falco and I am 25 years old. I am born and raised in Rotterdam and this city is the place to be. The rest of the crew share this same opinion, so for us, it is just a wonderful opportunity to guide you through this amazing city! I’m doing this every week and meeting new people from over the world is a great experience. So if you want a great time of pleasure, fun, humor and a lot of drinks join me and the crew and experience Rotterdam like we do every day! On the Rotterdam Bar Crawl; we don’t walk, we crawl! Do we see you tonight?



Dear crawlers, my name is Bowy 25 years old, a true Rotterdam citizen, a born Feyenoord fan and I love to party! In my daily life I work in construction but during the week I can't wait for the weekend to begin so I can crawl with you guys again! You can ask me anything and I love to show everybody my beautiful city! I hope to see you guys soon!! 

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