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Must do activity in Rotterdam

If you’re planning a trip to Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Bar Crawl is definitely a must do experience! You can join by yourself or with friends – each and every one of you are more than welcome to join. The Rotterdam Bar Crawl is a great way to meet like-minded city explorers, tourists or students in a safe and casual environment while sharing a drink.

The Rotterdam Bar Crawl-guides will loosen up the vibe from the get-go and create a relaxed atmosphere for everyone involved. By playing fun drinking games and share personal stories, they basically ignite valuable connections between participants while visiting some of Rotterdam’s most iconic bars. Simply put: you’ll hopefully make long-lasting memories with strangers who will hopefully become valuable (travel) friends after an unforgettable night with the Rotterdam Bar Crawl-team!

The Rotterdam Bar Crawl offers two routes: (1) the City Center-route on Thursdays and (2) the Kralingen-route on Wednesdays. Although both routes differ significantly from each other, they’re both truly amazing for going off the ‘basic Rotterdam tourist’ rails. During the Rotterdam Bar Crawl, you’ll visit the most fun and hidden local bars that you simply wouldn’t find on Google’s ‘Top-10 Rotterdam Bar List’.

The City Center-route is very interesting, as it will take you away from the mainstream tourist trail and show you a side of the city center only a true Rotterdam local would know of. Hence, this route is the best one if you’re planning on partying all night long! During the Kralingen-route, you’ll experience the greatest side of Rotterdam that only real Rotterdam students would visit. Although close to the city center, the Kralingen neighborhood will offer you an authentic local experience that just wouldn’t be the same when you’re traveling by yourself.

During the Rotterdam Bar Crawl you will visit 4 local bars throughout the entire night and will end at a nightclub. At each bar, you’ll spend 45 minutes to absorb the vibe and taste the drinks – all while getting to know your fellow Crawlers. Every bar will serve you one of their best/famous drink (which is on the house). This is either a shot, a mixed drink, or a cocktail – depending on the specialty of the bar. For example, some mixed drinks are made with Ketel 1 jenever, which is a typical Dutch spirit (35% alcohol). These bad boys will take a few before getting used to the intensity, but after a glass or two you’ll take them like a true Dutch champ!

After – or during – all those drinks, it’s time to eat! Just like the British have their kebabs or Indian, the Dutchies have their favorite midnight snacks as well. So, between the 4th (and last) bar and the nightclub, The Rotterdam Bar Crawl-team will make sure you’ll get some typical Rotterdam midgnight snacks together before you enter the club. Perhaps you’ve already heard of some (as Rotterdammers are passionate about their fried snacks), like a kroket, frikandel,kapsalon or a pita with shoarma, for example). The options are somewhat endless and there’s something for everyone to enjoy, as there are also vegetarian options, of course!

After a good meal, your entire group of around 15 to 30 people will walk to one of Rotterdam’s most popular clubs. Most local people are already standing in line, but not you! Crawlers can skip the line and enter for free. Just another perk of joining the Rotterdam Bar Crawl!

As stated before: Rotterdam Bar Crawl is a must when visiting Rotterdam. It’s simply a great way to meet other travelers, experience the city like a true local, and immerse yourself in the buzzing Rotterdam nightlife scene.

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Written by: Audrey (Travel Expert)

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