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The 5 Best hostels in Rotterdam

If you’re planning a trip to Rotterdam, you obviously need a place to stay as well. Since the hotels there can be quite expensive, there are plenty of amazing hostels in Rotterdam as well. In order to help you find the perfect hostel to stay at, here are the 5 best hostels in Rotterdam.

Hostel Room

Hostel Room is one of the best hostels in Rotterdam and for good reasons! The hostel is actually a national monument from 1923 that was renovated. You can find 17 rooms in this cozy hostel and the rooms even all have themes! The entire hostel is in an Art Deco Style, which makes it so perfect if you want a nice hostel to stay at.

At Hostel Room, you can find a local bakery nearby for a delicious breakfast and there’s plenty of things you can do here as well. You can play some board games, like the Dutch game called Sjoelen for example. You can also cook something for yourself and others in the kitchen or relax on the comfortable sofas in the living area. The hostel has a perfect location as well, since you will find a lot of popular restaurants and great bars really close-by!

Ani & Haakien

Another great hostel in Rotterdam is Ani & Haakien. The hostel has 5 stars and has its own cat called Suzy! The hostel has a really cool style with a charming interior as well. This hostel has plenty of things to offer, like bike and long board rental as well as dinner and movie nights. You can also join some walking tours for free or pay a visit to their own vegetable garden.

The Ani & Haakien hostel also has its own fully equipped kitchen and offers its visitors free coffee and toast every day. Another great thing about this hostel is that it doesn’t have a curfew, which is perfect if you want to go partying in Rotterdam during your stay! If you want to stay at the hostel more often instead of going out, you will find that it’s a really good vibe in the living room as well!

King Kong Hostel

This unique hostel has had multiple uses throughout the years. It actually used to be a tattoo shop, after which it became a famous brothel. The King Kong Hostel was also an illegal casino once, after which it has become the hostel we know today. One of the greatest things about this hostel is the fact that it has curtains on the beds, which can give you some privacy if you want it.

At the King Kong Hostel, you will find plenty of fun activities to do during your stay. You can go to the movie basement and watch Netflix with the other visitors for example. There’s also an old school gym if you love working out and want to continue during your trip. Although the hostel as a fully equipped kitchen, you can also visit their own restaurant with homemade food that tastes delicious as well! Lastly, you can enjoy a nice drink in the evening at their own, on-site bar.


If you’re looking for a truly unique hostel, you should definitely pay a visit to Stayokay hostel in Rotterdam. The rooms of this hostel are actually in the shape of cubes, which makes them so cool to sleep in! There are other advantages to staying in Stayokay as well, like the fact that it comes with breakfast! This way, you won’t have to waste time finding something to eat in the morning.

At Stayokay hostel, you can always store your luggage and it’s easily accessible for wheelchairs. They rent bikes as well, which will give you the opportunity to see the second-biggest city of the Netherlands in a fun way! You can also find a restaurant and a bar at the hostel, which is perfect if you want to end your day with a nice beer or another drink.


Another amazing hostel/hotel in Rotterdam is Cityhub. This hostel/hotel has really unique beds as they are separate hubs! These are small spaces that are closed off to others in which you will be able to enjoy a great night’s rest on your huge and comfortable bed. The lighting in the hubs can be easily controlled and they are equipped with built-in speakers as well.

At Cityhub, you can also find a really cool space to relax and hangout with other people. They also offer a delicious breakfast for 12 euros at their neighbors’ New Rotterdams Café or Baker & Moore. Another amazing thing about this hostel is that you can actually find ready-to-eat meals in their fridge. If you want to eat out instead, that’s also possible as there are plenty of restaurants really close-by. This is also the meeting point of Rotterdam Bar Crawl.

- Written by guest writer: Audrey

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